Refashioning the way we look at our clothing!

Today we are welcoming Lauren, our new weekend supervisor to share her thoughts on the blog. Lauren is passionate about vintage fashion and enjoys up-cycling, re-fitting and re-puposing garments to give them a second life. Lauren is opening our eyes to the potential of our forgotten wardrobes!

Over to Lauren…

Whilst making new clothes, bags, quilts and selecting new fabric from our range gives us all the fun fuzzy sewing feels, we’re all discovering an additional way to feel sewing satisfaction through Re-Fashioning.

Did you know that it takes approximately 1800 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans?!  And 1.5 million tons of clothes and textiles go straight into landfill sites in Britain every year (source: The Daily Telegraph) … Eye-watering statistics for fabric and planet lovers alike! But before you despair, there are lots of ways you can make a difference to the environment through your sewing skills. And look fantastic in the process – double win!

Re-fashioning and repairing your existing clothing is a great way to help save the environment and put your sewing skills to great use. Re-fashioning, or upcycling, is when you take an existing garment that you own, or one from a charity shop or vintage store and give it a new lease of life by turning it into something wearable that you love. Whether it’s the prettily patterned but unflatteringly shaped dress that grabbed your attention from the crammed charity shop rails, or a much loved and now worn out pair of jeans in your wardrobe, you don’t have to let them languish in fashion purgatory (or landfill!), you can use your skills to make something old new again.

With a little imagination and a seam ripper/ un-picker that unflattering dress with the great pattern from the charity shop can be transformed- you could alter a neck or hemline, take off some sleeves or put in a dart to make a sad dress happy again and best of all, suitable for you.


Lauren has been inspiring us all at Crafty to take a second look at second hand clothing!

The worn-out knees in your favourite jeans could be given new life through embroidery or be patched up with a fun bit of fabric that you’ve got left over from another project. Totally on trend this season!


Stylish upcycling ideas from A Pair and a Spare DIY

Love the vintage style? Wear actual vintage! And if it’s not quite the right fit for you, try sympathetic alterations such as letting out seams and darts.

The Vintage fits great, but looks a bit worse for wear? Give it a hand-wash, brighten it up with dyes, or repair embellishment details to restore it to its full beauty so that you have a truly unique and flattering piece.


Cover stains and brighten up dull vintage clothing with dye effects. Image ref:

If Vintage styles, prints and patchwork are not for you, why not try turning a man’s shirt in to a fashionable Cold-Shoulder dress? Charity shops are full of discarded cotton, linen and denim shirts all waiting to be turned in to this season’s hottest style. All you need is a shirt, scissors, thread, a needle and determination!

newlook shirt refashion

Image ref:

If clothing refashions seem a little daunting, but you like the idea of making use of waste fabric, why not make a crazy patchwork quilt? We bet you’ve got loads of scrap fabric in your stash that you couldn’t bear to throw away waiting to be used up. We’ve always got lots of remnants in store to help you on your way too.


Image ref:

Re-fashioning projects are a great way to expand your love of sewing and fabrics; existing garments push your imagination, boundaries and skills to think of new ways to create a new item. Best of all, by refashioning or repairing even one garment it helps to make a big difference to the environment, so you can feel pretty great about that too!

If you’re feeling inspired, why not come along to our Refashioning and Repairing workshop at the end of the month to explore the ways you can do your bit for the environment and your wardrobe.

Lauren x


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