Welcoming Our Youngest Team Member

The whole Crafty team has been eagerly awaiting our newest and youngest team member.  My baby daughter, Amelia May, was born on the 14th of May, one day earlier than her due date. As the first Crafty baby, I’ve had lots of support and encouragement from the team, and we’ve all enjoyed making things in preparation for her arrival.


New babies provide endless opportunities for fun sewing projects.  In preparation for Mia’s arrival I have made a handful of fun and simple projects, including roping in my friends to help me sew tiny baby leggings in the Crafty Baby Shower we held in the studio.

Mia baby quilt.jpg

One of my favourite makes has been a simple quilt, which gets used a lot now Mia is here.  We use the quilt as a blanket and a play mat on a daily basis, it’s a really useful project, and a fantastically simple first quilt.  The finished quilt is just over a meter square.  All the fabrics are avalible from the Crafty Sew & So shop.


I like the use of the simple squares.  This design is often called the ‘Around the World’ block, and it’s the design we use in our Quilting for Beginners workshop, which teaches all the essential basic techniques for quilting, including accurate cutting and piecing, over 6 weeks or 2 full Sundays.  This project is fun, simple and an ideal first quilt project if you’ve always wanted to have a go!  The next course will be starting in September- keep an eye out for details on our website soon!

Freya x


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