My Oh So Lovely Ball Dress

So I began making my Ballgown a good old while ago in the fabulous Dressmaking to Fit Workshop. Sarah supplied the bodice and skirt templates which we tinkered with until they matched my drawing.


We altered the bodice to create a pretty, almost square, neckline and added capped sleeves and back darts for extra shape. The simple A – line skirt is slightly  ‘puffed’ with cute double pleats at the front.


I whipped up my first ever toile, I’m normally far too impatient to make the dress twice! There were no major changes required just a little lengthening of the bodice, widening the armholes and allowing a little more breathing room around the bust.

The small changes made all the difference. My dress fits perfectly!  It is the longest I have ever spent creating a garment but I can honestly say the time put in was absolutely worth it. Every part of my dress feels luxurious. Most importantly, I was comfortable, even after a huge meal!


As you can see it frays like made so I had to do french seams and lots and lots of pressing. Most of my time was spent making unending darts. Everything was doubled as I self-lined the bodice. I was bereft of my ever faithful Frixion pen as it left permanent marks on the fabric I chose. I had to resort to chalk pencil marks and tailors tacks instead! All in all, I created sixteen pleats and darts!

The night before the ball I hand tacked a gorgeous gold ribbon about the hem of the gown and ever so carefully sewed it on with a wide zigzag stitch. After a long day at the shop Sarah kindly took to the overlocker to finish my dress with a rolled hem. I shall learn this skill soon, but some things are best left to the professionals.


And of course, No outfit would be complete without a little bit of bling! Over the past few months, I’ve been collecting jewellery storing it, magpie-like, in order to complete my look. As my dress is relatively simple I could completely go to town on makeup and jewellery. So, of course, I brought a glittery gold eyeshadow, a delicate gold bracelet, necklace, comfy plaited sandals and to top everything off a crown! Because when else will I get the chance to wear a crown!


Sparkly-eyed and bedecked in my finery I flittered about the City Rooms feeling like a pixie queen. Now all I need is an excuse to do it all again.

Rebekah x



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