Sew Your Accessories: Bow Belt

The Dressmakers Ball is an opportunity for you to show off your sewing skills, but if you don’t feel confident enough to sew a whole dress, why not stitch yourself a beautiful accessory or two instead?  I’m going to be heavily pregnant at the ball, so I’m avoiding making a dress which may not fit.  Instead I’ve made myself a couple of fun accessories to go with a beautiful RTW maternity dress- including this simple bow belt.  Adding DIY accessories is a quick way to add a handmade touch to any outfit.

You will need:

  • 1/4m of your chosen fabric
  • 1/4m of lightweight fusable interfacing if using a soft material (like I have)
  • Snap Fastening
  • Basic Sewing Kit
  • Sewing Machine


Step 1: Make the Belt

Measure your waist (or your empire line/ under bust of you’re also pregnant) over a light t-shirt and add 2″.  Cut out a strip of your chosen fabric that length by 5″ wide and the same of your interfacing.

Fuse your interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric.


Fold your fabric in half, with the long sides together and sew along that side to create a tube.  Use a 1/4 seam allowance (lining up the edge of the fabric with the edge of your foot and the needle to the far left.)


Turn one end of the tube through a couple of inches and stitch in one side of the snap fastening to the right side of the fabric, aprox 1″ away from the raw edge.  Sew it to the side of the tube with a seam running down it- not how it is in the photo!  Sew up the end and turn the tube right way out using a long stick or thick knitting needle.  you might need to trim off any excess length at this point.



Wrap the belt around your waist and use the snap fastening, now on the outside, to mark where the other side needs to sit- aprox 1″ from the other end.  Fold over the open end of the belt twice, using 1/4″ each time and sew closed.  This is going to sit underneath the other end, so it wont be visible once finished.

Step 2: Make the Bow

Cut a piece of both fabric and interfacing 6″ x 10″, fuse together to the wrong side of the fabric and sew in half along the long edge.  Turn right side out then iron Flat with the seam in the centre.


Sew the two raw ends together in to a loop, with the seam from the previous step on the outside, then turn all seams to the inside, centring the new seam and press flat.

Step 3: Sew the Middle Band

Cut a piece of fabric and interfacing 3″ x4.5″.  Fuse then fold in half and sew along the longer edge again.  Turn this little tube right sides out, pressing the seam in to the centre.

Wrap this middle band around the belt at the centre point, pinch it in tight enough to fit one finger in between it and the belt.  Sew the loop closed, trim excess fabric and turn so the seam in on the inside.

Push the bow through this loop and even up both sides.



All done- perfect for dressing up an old dress for the Ball!


Freya x


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