What’s in Freya’s Sewing Box?

  • We thought it would be fun to share with you a peek inside our sewing tool boxes, mostly because we love being nosy, and thought you might be interested too.  Today, Freya is going to show you what she uses at home.

I found this beautiful wooden sewing box in a Nottingham vintage shop a couple of years ago, for the bargain price of £16, and happily clutched it to my chest the whole train ride home (I’m sure I looked like a loony).  Since then it has happily housed a large portion of my sewing equipment.  Confession- these photos were taken after I had cleaned and tidied my sewing box- there is no way my stuff is usually this tidy!


Lets take a look inside!


I try my hardest to use the different compartments to keep my bits organised.  In the photo above, you can see my miscellaneous section, it is at the top of the box and holds all the things I need relatively quick access too, like snip scissors, marking tool and different feet.  I got my walking foot for christmas two years ago and haven’t used it an awful lot, but it has come in handy when I was making blankets this Christmas, to stop the two fabrics slipping.

The next layer down in the above photo is my collection of buttons and buckles and fastening  off all types.


The large bottom layer holds my elastics and my bias binding- I bought a whole reel of black and white last year and its lasting me ages!  You can also find my old rotary cutter, Hogwarts badges, a pencil case, a spare pin cushion, frey stop and a heart shaped yo-yo maker.  You know, the essentials!


Both layers on the other side of my box holds my threads, including some I’ve inherited from my husband’s Grandmother, a stray hair bobble (they get everywhere!), old tailors chalks and my pressing cloth.

Things like fabric and patterns are kept on shelves in my front room, where I do the majority of my home sewing.  I’ve got a nice big dining table and space to spread out, usually accompanied by my cats and occasionally by my husband as he works on his MA.

Freya x


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