Our Finished Moneta Dresses for the Party!

It’s the weekend of the #monetaparty on Instagram, hosted by the wonderful Triple Stitchers and sponsored by us! (Among other wonderful businesses).  Rebekah and I shared our plans with you in a previous post, and shared the invitation to join in- there are a tonne of amazing prizes up for grabs this weekend for people joining in the party.  Sponsors like ourselves are choosing our favourites and the overall winner gets the Grand Prize too!  It’s not to late to enter,  just post a picture of you in your Moneta dress (pattern by Colette) on Instagram by 9pm tonight (26/2/17)!  And check out Elle’s blog for the rules and prizes.

And her she is- my mint polka dot Moneta!


I have now made two Moneta dresses, and can honestly say I’m in LOVE with this pattern. It’s the perfect shape for me, normally I live in dresses which draw me in at the waist.    The combination of shape and comfort from making the Moneta up in jersey fabric means I am confident that this dress pattern will become a firm favourite.  I actually have two more planned already!!

I shortened the bodice to accommodate my baby bump, but other than than I have sewing this pattern as was in the size L.

The only thing I’m not sure about is the colour of this dress- mint green isn’t something I wear a lot of, generally speaking.  Every spring I look to introduce pastel colours in to my wardrobe, to welcome the warmer weather.  But most of my clothes fall in to the navy/ red/ black/ white colour scheme so I’m not used to wearing more pastel tones, even though I love them .  However, Sarah has assured me that this dress is a great colour on me- and I trust her, she would totally tell me otherwise!

Freya x

I made a Moneta! And just in time for the party too. I’m so happy with how it turned out. The peacock feather design works wonderfully with the sleeveless design.  The collar adds that little something and makes me feel ever so sophisticated. After having a few too many arguments with clear elastic I gave up and used lightweight 5mm white elastic, it stretches a lot more and makes the whole business of gathering much more pleasant.  I could not be happier.


Making my peacock feather Moneta gave me renewed confidence and I managed to fix another Moneta I’d been struggling with yesterday. I’d previously given up on it because of snapping elastic and stretching jersey. However, a few quick stitches in the morning brought it together nicely!

Rebekah x


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