Valentine’s Day Heart Decorations Tutorial

These sweet little hanging heart decorations come together really quickly, you can make a few and string them up to turn them in to a garland or hang them individually around the room to spread the love.

We’ve used the Brother Innov-is F420 sewing machine, which has a lovely wide range of embroidery stitches, but you can make lovely versions of this project with even the simplest sewing machine.   Just make use of the zigzag stitches in different sizes for a fun effect.

This project is also ideal for young sewers- children as young as 8 years can enjoy making these hearts as gift for family and friends.


You’ll need-

  • Felt
  • Heart Template
  • White thread and your sewing machine
  • 10cm of ribbon per heart
  • Scissors
  • Marking tool and ruler

Step 1

Cut out two hearts from the felt using your template.  If you use two different colours, decide which is your front and back.  Mark on your front piece with straight lines approximately 1.5cm apart across the heart.



Step 2

Thread up your machine with white thread, which looks great on all colours of felt.  Choose some fun stitches, try ones you perhaps haven’t used before! Sew a line of each stitch along each of your markings.


Step 3

Take the back felt piece and the length of ribbon, fold the ribbon in half and stitch it in place 1cm down from the top centre of the heart.


Step 4

Layer the two hearts with the ribbon sandwiched between them and pin together.  Using straight stitch sew the two shapes together about 1cm from the edge of the felt.  Take your time around the curves as these can be tricky.  Once you’ve finished, trim down the edges so they are even.




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