Crafty Dressmakers Leicester Meet-Up Fun

Last Saturday (14th January) we hosted a Dressmakers Meet-up at Crafty HQ, inviting dressmakers and bloggers from all over to join us for a fun afternoon of lunch, shopping and chats.  More than 20 ladies came along for a fun afternoon, which was fantastic!  We didn’t know how many to expect, having just put out the invitations at the beginning of the month, so we were very happy that so many of you could come join us for a day of fabric shopping and fun.

We were so excited to meet with customers we’ve met through workshops, sewers we’ve met on Instagram, and other creative ladies who just love to sew!  We started the afternoon at a local cafe, Kai, which opened in St. Martins Square before Christmas.  The team there are lovely and helped make everyone feel at home.  I was there to great people as they arrived, many came by themselves and didn’t know anyone before the day.  The lovely thing about sewing is that it gives us a level platform to start conversations, so before long the cafe was buzzing with chatter.


After a yummy lunch, I took the group on a tour of the local markets fabric stalls, swinging by The City Rooms, where The Dressmakers Ball is being held in May!  It’s a gorgeous building, you must take a look when you’re next in Leicester City.  The market had just a few stalls on, Stuart’s stall was open, along with just one other fabric stall.  Often there are others, it’s always so hit and miss with the market traders.  From the market we headed to Material Magic, Buttons Boutique and then back to Crafty HQ for more shopping, tea and cake!

The atmosphere in the shop was lovely, people mingled and shopped and picked up some great deals.  The team worked really hard to make sure everyone’s fabric got cut and everyone’s cup had tea in it! As the cake was passed around, it was Sarah turn to chat to the ladies.   By far, the best thing about attending meet ups, and also workshops, is meeting like minded people, who speak the same (sewing) language as you do.  I met some guys who’s Instagram accounts I’ve been following for a while, and met some new ladies to start following and be inspired by.

Charlotte- blogging talk.JPG

The afternoon concluded with Charlotte, who writes successful blog ‘An English Girl at Home’ giving a short talk on blogging and vlogging and sharing some tips for both with the group.  Because both blogging and vlogging are quite time consuming hobby’s, Charlotte recommends anyone who want to has a passion for writing or video editing as, well as sewing.  The blogging community has a lot to offer, in both support and inspiration.  There are lots of genuinely lovely ladies online, sharing their latest sewing projects and lives with others.

It really was a lovely day, I was so pleased so many people could join us!

Freya x



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