Reflecting on 2016, Looking Forward to 2017


As we enter the New Year, its traditional to think back on the year just gone and reflect on any resolutions we have made- let’s take a quick look at our resolutions from this time last year!

Rebekah’s resolution 

I’ve decided to try and make an item of clothing each month to improve my confidence with different materials and patterns.

Rebekah has done fantastically this year- smashing her target, having made 12 items out of a verity of different fabrics- including jersey and viscose!  You can read more about some of the garments Rebekah has made in her recent post about her winter wardrobe.  Going in to the new year, she has become quite the seamstress and is planning on developing her fitting skills with Sarah in our Dressmaking to Fit workshop AND sewing up a gown for the Dressmakers Ball in May!

Freya’s resolution

Freya has resolved to slow down and try to improve her concentration when sewing.

I think I’ve been rather successful too- I’ve worked hard on a couple of larger projects, including a winter coat last February, traditional Carolyn pyjamas in April and a ball gown in August.  Plus, while I’ve made a few speedier projects in between, I’ve been consciously being more careful and detail orientated with each project as the year has gone on.  Next year, I’m not expecting much time to sew so I think I’ll be keeping my resolution simple and aim to work to find time and space to sew when life gets busier.

Sarah’s resolution

I am particularly looking forward to Sarah’s resolution as she is determined to experiment more with up-cycling and embellishments in her work.

Sarah has had a fun year adding more embellishments to her garments and learning some excellent up-cycling tips from the wonderful Jenni Taylor.  Sarah runs the art tent at Barefoot Festival each year and her embellishments really came in to their own, getting dressed for a Bollywood themed ‘Sequin Saturday’!  In the new year Sarah will be focusing more on pattern drafting and making sure that everything she makes includes pockets!

What are your plans for the coming year?

Happy New Year!

Freya x



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