Create Felt Crowns this Christmas with our Festive Tutorial

I’ve been having great fun at Crafty Sew & So making fabulous felt crowns for us all!  They are simple enough to make with the whole family. You don’t even require a sewing machine!  Throw away those flimsy Christmas cracker crowns and adorn yourself with your own creations.


What you need:

  • A sheet of felt, around 30cm by 22cm
  • Ribbon  around 1 metre
  • scraps of felt and buttons for decoration
  • Needle and Thread
  • Scissors
  • Marking implement (I used a heat erasable frixion pen)

A tape measure and maybe a few templates would be useful too, but not necessary.

crown 2.jpg

First off take your big piece of felt and fold it in half long sides together. Now mark about an inch and a half from the open fold, this line will create the base  of your crown. Secure your felt together with a few pins.

You can now make the shape of your crown, I used a mug to make three semi-circles. once you’re happy with the shape cut out the crown.  Don’t worry if it’s not all that neat, you can trim it down when you’re finished.

Take one piece of the crown and lay it out flat. You can now decorate to your heart’s content.


This is where templates might come in useful, I used a lid from a jar for my circles and cut out a few of diamonds. It’s a good idea to lay it out before you start sewing to get an idea of what the end result will be.


Now pin your base bits down and start sewing. I really enjoyed stitching star shapes along my diamonds, it was just four crisscrossed stitches. Don’t worry if it’s a mess at the back, your other piece will cover this up.

Once you’ve finished decorating place your crown right side down and pop one piece of ribbon either side, about an inch in. Now place the remaining piece of felt on top. Pin together, making sure you catch the ends of the ribbon.


Sew together the pieces using a simple running stitch.

sewing crown.jpg

Once you’ve finished iron out the Frixion pen, or brush away  any chalk markings. Trim any uneven bits and there you have  it. A wonderful Christmas crown you can use year after year!

crown finished .jpg

Rebekah x


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