‘Noel’Cushion Cover Tutorial

I love decorating the house for the festive season, and handmade decorations are simply the best.  I’ve put together this simple Christmas project which takes very little time to put together and will make your sofa look the part this Christmas time.

Materials Needed-


  • Either scraps or 1/4m of 2 or 4 different Christmas cottons.
  • Bondaweb 1/4m
  • 1/2m of calico or cream cotton
  • 2m pompom trim
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine

Step 1

Using Word (or another word processing program) print yourself of templates for each letter in capitals.  I recommend using a font which is 15-20cm high and very bold.  I used Show Card Gothic in size 650, which I love for this project!


Step 2

Apply bondaweb to the wrong side of the fabric using a warm iron and following the instructions.

Remembering to mirror the letters, place them backwards on to the back of the fabric, trace round each letter and cut them out of the fabric.

Step 3

Cut out a 45cm square of calico and lie the fabric letters in to formation in the centre of the square.  Use an iron to attach the letters, then using a small zigzag stitch on your sewing machine (I used stitch width 2.0mm, length 1.4mm) carefully sew around each letter to firmly secure it in place.  If you have a speed control function, try reducing the speed of your stitching to help you with your accuracy.



Step 4

Take your pompom trim, and, with the pompoms facing in to the cushion on the right side, hand tack in in to place around the outside of the fabric with your letters on.  Make sure to stretch your trim out slightly at this stage to avoid it stretching a lot later..


Step 5

To make the envelope cushion back, cut out 2 rectangles of fabric, 45cm x 35cm.  Turning over one long edge twice, hem both pieces.  Leave the other three sides as is.

Step 6

Place the back pieces on to the right side of the front piece, right sides down.  Using your zip foot, sew the back and front together along all four sides with a 1.5cm seam allowance.  The zip foot allows you to sew near to the pompoms without them getting in the way.


Turn your cushion right way out and pop in your cushion pad!



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