I Finished My Alder Shirt Dress

I am very excited to share my recent makes with you guys. A lot of things I’ve been creating have been Christmas presents; they are well and truly hidden away. However, I’ve had a spate of finishing projects.

My most recent, the beautiful Alder Shirtdress:


I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out. It’s my most complex item to date and nothing went so awry  that I couldn’t fix it again.

As the cotton I used  had a very busy print I brought in a touch of navy viscose for the yoke. Essentially winging it and hoping I got the yoke facing and yoke the right way around – Thankfully it all worked out. The Grainline Sewalong was fantastic,

yoke alder shirt dress.jpg

Reading the pattern is really important for the Alder. I straight up missed the instruction along the front piece telling me to fold the in the inner edge for one side of the shirt front. This lead to a very confusing hour or so trying to fit the collar onto the dress. After much deliberation, I realized what I’d done and just folded the button placket twice over and top stitched. The band is slightly thicker but that doesn’t appear to have made a huge difference.


 The only problem I came across was affixing the collar stand.I couldn’t quite figure out the method they wanted me to do, inside out back to front etc. After a few tries, I just slotted the collar stand on top of the shirt and it worked just fine.


The final details were a navy rik-rac  trim, navy buttons to match and a final little red button for the collar.


This little beauty is my new best friend! We’ve just got them in store and they are fantastic! I can’t wait to complete more projects with this handy Dressmaking Journal by my side, there’s even a space for swatches!

Sew Crafty Dressmaking Journal.jpg

Sew Crafty Dress Making Journal

Alder spin - Edited.jpg

Rebekah x


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