Create Quilted Coasters With This Easy Tutorial

My scraps basket is beginning to overflow somewhat. handily I’ve developed an obsession with making coasters. They’re such a quick and easy project. Also great for last minute presents.


All you need is a couple of pieces of cotton and wadding. For this tutorial, I used a sewing machine with a little bit of hand sewing, however, there shouldn’t be any trouble using just a needle and thread.

First off cut two pieces of cotton 12cm by 12cm (about 5 inches), cut the wadding to the same size.

Lay one piece of cotton right side up on the table, place the other right side down so right sides are together. Pin the wadding on top, sandwiching all three layers together.

coaster 1.jpg

I used heatproof wadding from Crafty Sew & So, it’s nice and stable and gives the coaster a sturdy feel whilst protecting your table from extra hot mugs of tea.

To sew, start just past half way along one side and continue sewing leaving enough space to turn your coaster right side out, typically two finger spaces. I used a 1cm seam allowance but it doesn’t really matter so long as you’re consistent.


Trim excess wadding and clip corners, you are now ready to turn your coaster the right way out and gently nudge out corners.

Coaster 4.jpg

Fold in exposed edges and hand stitch the opening together, I used slip stitch as it’s easier.


Now it’s time for embroidery! This can be as simple as a straight line or you can use any decorative stitches that you’re machine might have. I tried one of each.

coaster 5.jpg

I started right at the edge of the coaster and spiraled in by pivoting at the corners. it doesn’t matter if the lines aren’t straight because it just adds character! This is a great opportunity to practice straight with no consequences if it goes awry.  I used my N foot on a Brother machine. This foot is wider and lets you see a bit more of what you are doing

For the second coaster, I decided to use this very pretty decorative stitch:

coaster 7.jpg

 Rebekah x



One thought on “Create Quilted Coasters With This Easy Tutorial

  1. Helen says:

    As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been working my way through the blog posts… Really like these… Like you said quick and easy gifts or match to your home decor. On my ‘to do’ list! Thanks Rebekah.


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