The Monaco dresses…

Hope you enjoyed our last blog post about our exciting adventure to Monaco for the Brother Sewing machines launch

Now to fill you in on what you really want to know all about – the dresses!


As soon as we received our invite (googled flights and decided we could actually go!) we started to plan our dresses for the Gala Dinner!

Sarah’s Dress:

I wanted to create a dress which was comfortable as we’d be sitting down to eat dinner, cool, but most of all really stunning! I usually go down the route of 50s style for evening wear but I decided to go for a slightly different style this time.

I used pattern 8113 by Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity. I chose “view A” which I thought had a hint of Grecian styling to it. 


I used purple crepe which was beautiful to work with and held it’s shape really well with very few creases after being transported in hand luggage. The dress had a fairly gathered skirt and the weight of the crepe helped the gathers hang and drape rather than bulge.

I used gold satin from the shop for the waistband and yoke which extends to the front of the shoulders of the dress. I wasn’t sure if I might end up looking a bit like a bar of dairy milk, but I love the finished result! I embroidered the waistband on the Brother Innovis V5 sewing and embroidery machine. I used 2 shades of purple thread and a design from Urban Threads. They have really great designs for modern embroideries. 



I hemmed the bottom by first stitching around the hem 0.7cm from the raw edge then turning the hem up once, then I trimmed the raw edge to a few millimetres then turned the hem again to create a beautiful neat finish which I am really happy with. 


I decided to fully line the bodice in self fabric instead of using the facing provided, this created a lovely smooth finish with no lumpy bits.  I also opted not to put pockets to keep the skirt smooth.

There was a lot of hand sewing but I actually enjoyed it and am getting much better at it with lots of practice!


I love this dress and can’t wait to make another fancy frock for our upcoming event in May next year… Read more about this below!

Freya’s Dress:

For my dress, I used New Look 6401, picked for the sweeping back and beautiful ties of view C.  My fabric is also a lovely crepe, in royal blue.  I completely failed to connect the dots and notice that the colour of my dress was true ‘Brother Blue’.  I wasn’t sucking up- promise!


After making some small adjustments to a toile, this dress came together really well.  Its a simple construction, with 6 panel pieces for the skirt and four for the bodice.  The trick was making sure I didn’t get my skirt pieces mixed up.

I used a contrasting cream crepe for the sash at the back.


This was my very first evening gown/full length formal dress, so I’m glad I went with a simple but dramatic pattern. It was super comfortable for the whole evening, including a 6 course dinner, dancing and some light gambling.  I may even try my hand at something with more structure next time.

If you’ve been inspired by our posh dresses and want a great excuse to make your own we have just the event coming on MAY 12th 2017… Click Here to find out more about the Dressmakers Ball!



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