Five Sewing Projects For A Crafty Baker

My three great loves. baking, sewing, and writing,  Happily this blog combines all three!  With The Great British Bake Off well on its way, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share  some  gorgeous accessories that make baking that little bit more glamorous.

1.  A Handmade Apron

I love these fun baking genes prints for a sweet kitchen cover-up.

baking fabric.jpg

We’re running a workshop to make a simple apron on 30th Septemeber. Why not join us then. 

2. Cute Tea Towels

A really simple sewing project, Tea towels. All you need is a nice heavy fabric, we’ve got some vintage kitchen themed fat quarters in the shop that would work perfectly. Just hem the raw edges and you’re done.  Maybe add a cute bit applique, lace, ricrac trim or embroidery to make them unique!


3. Time For A Tea Cosy

Because you just can’t bake without a good cup o’ tea, not to mention the treats to be consumed once finished.  I made mine from Everything Alice.  However it is falling apart a bit now, it was one of my early sewing projects so ’tis is to be expected. It’s also got polyester wadding instead of the heat resistant stuff. Last months Simply Sewing (issue 20) has a really cute patchwork cosy which I want to have a go at.


I love the candy stripes mixed with donuts.

3. Heart Oven Mitts

Crafty is running a workshop to create your own set of oven gloves. Now I have so many oven gloves myself so I just can’t justify making another set just yet. However, I could put together this very cute heart shaped oven mitt from Sew4Home.



4. A Gorgeous Cupcake Pin Cushions


Although technically nothing to do with the kitchen I just couldn’t resist including this cupcake invention. A sweet and useful little pin cushion set, sold at Crafty Sew & So. The perfect gift to adorn any bakers sewing space!

I’ve been inspired to get baking again if you want to check out my recent bakes head on over to my personal blog Today I Made.

Rebekah x



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