Clipping your ‘V’s



Clipping curved seams is essential. These little ‘V’s could make the difference between a lovely professional flat collar or a rippled mess


Use the very tip of your sharp fabric scissors to snip small notches into your curves to about 2mm from your stitching line, be extra careful not to catch your stitching. Snip about every inch for a soft curve or more regularly if your curve is quite steep.

I find it useful with lightweight fabrics to hold the seam between my thumb and fore finger so I can check I’m holding just the 2 layers I want to snip.


Clipping your corners will help reduce bulk when turning your seamed edge the right way out. Snip a slightly angled arrow head ‘V’ from the corner for maximum bulk reduction


By snipping your corners and curves you can achieve a lovely smooth finish to your seamed and turned facings like on this fabulous jacket made in one of our workshops


Sarah x


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