Folding Heart Needle Case Tutorial

Even if you do most of your sewing on the machine, everyone needs a hand sewing needle from time to time.  Keep them close at hand and easy to find in our fun needle case.  This scrap busting project is super simple to sew, you’ll end up making one for everyone you know!

You will need:

Needle Case Tutorial (3)

  • Felt 25x25cm
  • Scrap Fabric 25cm x 25cm
  • Iron on Interlining 25cm x 25cm
  • A Sewing Machine, Thread and Pinking Scissors
  • Needle case template
  • A Button or a Snap Fastener.

How to Sew it together-

1. Apply interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric, use the settings as recommended by your interfacing manufacturer. We like woven cotton interfacing which applies much easier than papery interfacing.

Needle Case Tutorial (2)

2. Layer, with wrong sides together, the interfaced fabric and the felt together and trace around the template on to the fabric using a marker that will fade or can be removed.  I recommend Pilot Frixion pens, which iron off!

Needle Case Tutorial (1)

3. Sew around the markings you have drawn- Don’t forget to sew the tab too!  Then sew a straight line from each indentation to the opposite side as marked on the template, crossing all your lines in the centre of the flower shape.

Needle Case Tutorial (6)

4. Next, and we’re almost done, decide if you’re going for a button or a popper fastening.

Button: Use your sewing machine to make a button hole in the centre of the tab- remember to set up the machine with your chosen button to make a hole the right size. Once you’ve done that, fold over the tab and mark on where you want to place the button and hand sew it on.

Needle Case Tutorial

Popper: If you’re going for a popper closure, I recommend Prym poppers, either the metal ones from their usual range or their plastic ones from their Prym Love range- both are really easy to use.  They also come with tools to attach them using just a hammer.

Alternatively, you might find it easier to use either the Prym pliers or the Prym pyramid tool. Attach the popper in the centre of the tab first, and then on to the body of the petal- check where it needs to go by folding over the tab with the popper attached and mark on where the other side reaches on the petal.

5. Using pinking shears cut through all the layers about half a centimetre from the outermost stitching line.

Needle Case Tutorial (5)

6. Fold in the petals at the centre so that it creates a heart shape.  Give it a good press at this point in the folded shape to set the folds.

Needle Case Tutorial 1


All done!

Why not make one for your machine needles too like Sarah did for our workshop needles

These really do take next to no time to put together, and make lovely gifts. Don’t forget to share your makes with us on our Facebook page.

Freya x


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