Sewing Machine Advice from the Experts

Sarah and I are big fans of Brother Sewing Machines- my first sewing machine, which I still use at home, is a Brother, and it’s been serving me well for almost 6 years now. When it came to choosing which sewing machines to sell when we opened the Crafty Sew & So shop last year, it was the obvious choice for us.

Brother machines are lovely to use because of the consistency in their design; right from the highest spec to the entry level model.  The buttons are in the same sensible places, making them really intuitive to use.  We have used the Innov-is range of computerised machines with children as young as 7, who have gotten on so well with them.  

When Kathryn our Brother rep came in for a Brother demo day (read all about it here) we asked her a few questions to find out why Brother machines are her choice too.

So Kathryn, why do you recommend Brother sewing machines over others?

Brother is leading sewing machine manufacture with a proven track record producing a wide range of sewing and embroidery machines for all abilities and budgets.

Our range includes a 3 year warranty and our products are supported with a UK call centre and engineers at our Manchester office.

What advice would you give to sewers who are a bit apprehensive to start sewing? 

The advice I give to people who buy a machine for the first time is to try all the stitches on inexpensive fabrics, this way they can get a feel for the machine and also see how great the stitches look. Simple projects such as cushions are easy to begin with and develop users’ confidence with both the machine and their creative skills. There are many classes and workshops throughout the country where beginners can learn the basics in a friendly & supportive environment.

Tell us about the features of the newest Brother sewing machine. What makes it different to other models?

Last September we launched the VR machine. It is targeted towards experienced quilters and looks quite different to a standard sewing machine. It has been designed with a range of inbuilt quilting, applique and embroidery designs and also has free motion capability which, because of the style of machine, allows freedom and flexibility to create huge projects. Small areas such as jeans pockets and sleeves can be embroidered using the free arm. Also, a cap frame can be attached so that caps can be embroidered with ease.

What is your favourite thing to sew in your free time?

My favourite things to sew are items for the home. I make all my own home furnishings which not only saves money but allows me to create a very individual look.

Do you have any summer projects or anything you want to make for summer time?

I’m going to make a start on making Christmas Gifts for my family and friends – If I don’t start now I’ll never be ready in time….

Which model would you suggest for new or beginner sewers? (and which for experienced sewers?)

This would depend on budget but for occasional sewing the L14 would be a good choice while the Innov-is 10A would be ideal for someone looking to develop their sewing skills. It’s quick and simple operation combined with features for the more experienced sewer ensure the customer will gain confidence and experience and as they progress will be able to customise the machine by adding accessories such as our wide table and special feet depending on their requirements.

For more advanced and experienced sewers the Innov-is 1100 with its larger 8.3” long arm and smooth Square Feed Drive System will easily handle large quilts and fashion projects.

Since sewing machines are getting more advanced, sewers may occasionally come across technical problems- where can they go for help?

Customers should first contact their local Brother Agent for assistance as this provides support close to home. Many problem can be fixed in house.

Agents will offer additional services such as classes and machine repair and or servicing. In the event that a local agent is not able to help our service centre in Manchester will be able to provide assistance for both warranty and non-warranty repairs.

Online help including machine manuals and FAQ’s are available from the Brother Solutions centre. Our call centre number is 0333 777 4444

Thanks Kathryn!  

Do you use a Brother machine? Whats your favourite feature?

Freya x


One thought on “Sewing Machine Advice from the Experts

  1. sqyrrel says:

    I first bought a Brother sewing machine at the age of 18, this was my first ever sewing machine. I retired my old machine (but still have it as back up) 20 years later to the Brother innovis 350se machine, which I love. I am now looking at an overlocker, Brother of course, as I would never use any other brand. 😊


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