So Many Stitches to Choose From

It’s been all go in St. Martins Square this weekend!

This Friday we had a fun visit from Kathryn , our lovely Brother rep, where she ran a fantastic free workshop for anyone who popped in to the shop. We experimented with the wide ranges beautiful stitches on the Innovs-350 to make pincushions using variegated thread.  Arn’t they fun!  Freya made these two, and we had lots of customers come through and make some to take away.

I am coveting the extra stitches on the Innov-is 350.   I have an Innovs-20 at home, which I absolutely love! However, there are some lovely features, such as automatic cutting, lettering and an unbelievable array of stitches that you don’t get with my machine. While I know I don’t need them everyday, I very much enjoy using  it when I’m in the shop.

Being a tea fiend,  I decided to make my very own coaster instead of the pin cushion.  The blue thread is my favourite and really suits the stitch design I choose. I started off attempting to pivot at the corners, but it didn’t work.  I ended up doing each row, going off the edge and then unpicking to make a nice neat square.


Kathryn tried out doing a coaster too, she used an applique stitch and it looks fabulous!  Kathryn is taking this idea and will be sharing it at other events she runs across the country- but you saw it here first!


Lots of customers come in to have a go with the machines and embroidery stitches.  Our youngest sewer was Warwick who made a great pin cushion after watching his mum.


Freya thought we had cut out far too many pieces of calico for the project, but we ended up using all of them!   It’s really fun being able to share our equipment and join in with other people to make fun projects like this.


After our busy day on Friday, St Martins Square hosted an an event for Everybody’s Reading on Saturday.  Making the most of the lovely weather, Kids were sat on cushions listening to a brilliant story teller.  Readings we’re every hour or so- right outside our door.  We had to keep reminding ourselves what the noise was, he was really into the stories.  There was also a Free Book table, full of ex-library stock.  I grabbed a Sophie Dahl cookbook from the  vast array of free books!


Rebekah x


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