Fishes in the water fishes in the tree

I had a lot of fun with the latest Mollie Makes magazine (issue 66). Chloe Hardisty of Cotton Clara wrote a fantastic tutorial on how to create your own old school fishing game.


2016-05-12 11.13.27

I used a range of Dashwood and Blend fabrics, I love these colours together, so soft and dreamy.  Perfect for a nursery room.


I absolutely love the tutorial, and think it’s a fantastically fun game to make.  However I do not have any kids and I’m afraid a fishing game would be left sadly neglected.

Instead I decided use the tutorial to create the fish and  transformed them into a pretty mobile.

To start I snipped holes in either side of a fish and tied a knot in the end of a long piece of cord. I then sewed up the fish again along the snipped fabric to keep it secure.

I then threaded a mix of big old buttons onto the cord. I wrapped sticky tape around one end and cut it to a sharp point  to make the threading easier.


As you can see I am rather pleased with the result.



Here they are hanging very prettily from my apple tree

I’ve been rather inspired. Since making these, I have started making a mini parachute game, out of an old sarong and scraps of denim. My Story and Rhyme time group will absolutely love it.  I’m going to use the same template to make little fish which will jump about on the ‘waves’ of my makeshift parachute.

The latest Mollie Makes magazine (issue 66) is available in store at Crafty Sew&So now.


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