Testing out our brand new Hexie Cushion Kit

I got the chance to test out one of our brand new kits from The New Craft House.  I’m a big fan crafts I can do in front of the TV or listening to an audio-book. I listened to the wonderful  Costa prize winner The Lie Tree  whilst making this beautiful Hexi Cushion.


The kit is a great introduction to  English Paper Piecing, a technique using fabric wrapped around paper patterns, it’s a terrific skill and helps to create beautiful and precise patterns for quilting of cushions.20160325_162503

The kit comes with 22 designer quilting cottons 22 paper templates, and everything else you need to complete a cushion. All you need to add is a cushion pad insert.


After only a couple of hand cramps I finished all the Hexie’s  and trimmed them down to the right size. The kit gives you backing fabric too, and gives instructions on how to make an envelope cushion cover.


I pressed it flat and Lanni appreciated her new warm bed



I highly reccomend this kit, it’s a great introduction to quilting. I can’t wait to try out more of our fancy new kkits

Rebekah x


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