Making My Very Own Pants

Sewing my own underwear is not something I ever expected to do, and I probably won’t ever take on bra making, but I have recently made myself a lovely pair of knickers! 😀


IMG_5717 2

Finished knickers

These pants were made with a kit designed by Flo-Jo, which included the pattern, the fabric and the knicker elastic.  I cut the size 16, which has been really comfortable, I don’t think I would change anything about the pattern next time I make some- and I totally will again!

The knickers can be made out of a fat quarter of fabric, which is brilliant! Just think how many pairs you can make!  Finally a use for all those fat quarters I’ve collected 😀  I’m thinking of making a pair out of this amazing mermaid fabric next.


I can’t resist a novelty print!



They were surprisingly easy to make, once I got the hang of stretching out the elastic to gather up the cotton.  It took a few goes to get it right, but the effort paid off in the end.  They also were really quick to make- maybe took me all of two hours at home, keeping my cat company one evening.  Not bad at all for some lovely frilly knickers!



everything you need to make your own knickers!

Check out the range of Flo-Jo patterns in our shop Crafty Sew & So, Leicester, including knicker kits, patterns and elastics.

Freya x


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