Hexie Patchwork Blanket

I’m having lots of fun making an adorable patchwork quilt out of hexagons. It’s great just to sit in front of the TV and keep my fingers busy with tiny hexie patchwork.



Freya, from Crafty Sew & So taught me a really simple way to shape the hexies with paper.


All you need to do is finger press the fabric to the hexie points and tack them together, without piercing the paper. That way you can reuse the templates. I used a 1″ template downloaded from Love Patchwork and Quilting.  Press the hexies before you join them together with an invisible stitch.


This is the vague pattern I’m going for, though I may well have to add a couple of borders because my hexies are so small!

If you’re interested in patchwork we have a couple of cushion workshops coming up to get your hand in.

Rebekah x


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