Make your own Bias Binding Shoe Laces!

This week, I’ve come up with this fantastic idea for our gorgeous patterned bias-binding. Jazz up your old shoes with a fancy new pair of laces.

What you need:

  • 3m of pretty bias binding
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine

Fold the bias tape in half and cut into 2 equal lengths

Take one bias tape piece, align the pre folded edges of the bias tape and press in half along the length of the tape



Fold in 1cm at both ends of each of the tape pieces and press



Pin each end folded in place


Put one end underneath the sewing machine foot to hold in place- lower the presser foot and put the needle down into the machine BEFORE taking out the pin.


Sew down the length of the tape being careful not to stretch it as you sew. Follow this video for further guidance.

Back stitch to secure each end.



Fold over the ends in half again and either hand stitch or carefully machine stitch- going forwards and backwards then forwards again – about 2cm


Trim any loose ends and re-lace your shoes with these pretty laces!


Check out our range of bias-binding and make your very own lovely shoelaces.


Sarah x


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