Crafting Memories

As Valentines Day comes around we’re looking at different kind of romance. Who was the one who first taught you to sew?

I remember sitting cross legged on the carpet, with my mum, clumsily sewing a felt finger puppet together, and getting in a mess trying to stick on googly eyes. I’ve worked on little things ever since but I only really fell in love with sewing after starting to volunteering with Crafty Sew & S0. Sarah and Freya have helped me no end. The first item of clothing I made was in a workshop, Sarah taught me how to make my very own 50’s style skirt with a zip and button. I’m a novice at dressmaking but am very proud of my  set of Fifi Pjs from Tilly and the Buttons. What I love is the materials. No one else in the world has a cute set of the cats pyjamas!


This week we’re looking at what kindled that first love of sewing. I asked Freya and Sarah from Crafty Sew & So a few questions about their crafting memories.

Here’s Freya’s answers

What first got you into sewing?

My mum made me all sorts of fancy-dress costumes when I was young, and encouraged me to have a go when I was a bit older. I only made a couple things when I was a teenager, but I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas in 2010 and just had a go at dressmaking for myself.

What is the first item of clothing you remember making?

The first item I made was in 2011, after I got my first machine – I excitedly went to my local haberdashery and purchased a pattern and some fabric.  I hadn’t any any idea really what I was doing- and the instructions only said things like “insert zip” so the finished product, while wearable is full of flaws- including an exposed zip, which really shouldn’t be visible! I wore that dress so many times despite all my mistakes.

What are you most proud of making?

I made my husband a shirt for Christmas a couple of years ago, in secret! I was so pleased with the finish, and exited to present it to him on Christmas day!


A selection of Freya’s gorgeous handmade wardrobe

And Sarah’s answers

What first got you into sewing?

I started sewing when I was about 10 with the help of my very patient mum! When my poor mum was unable to translate my wild design ideas into reality I started dressmaking myself. I used to design mini catalogues of garments for my own make-believe brand “The Roses Co.”!

What is the first item of clothing you remember making?

First garment I remember making for myself was a silver PVC mini skirt! Oh dear! I didn’t know how to put in a zip so I just made it as a pull on and wiggled it on over my head!

What are you most proud of making?

My high waisted slim fit indigo denim jeans! I’m not great at following instructions as I often let previous experience and my creative brain take over and try to guess how a garment is constructed! But I actually followed the fantastic instructions for the Ginger Jeans pattern by Closet Case Files step by step and my first pair of jeans worked out brilliantly! I’m looking forward to making my next pair but I am still searching for the holy grail- proper soft washed brushed stretch denim with a minimum of 6% elastane! It’s the first thing I ask for in fabric buying meetings but no luck so far! Watch this space!


A snapshot of Sarah’s talents, with much more to come


We’ve seen our workshops rekindle a love of crafting through nurturing confidence. There have been a fair few tales of terrifying school tutors, who have focused more on perfectionism than the fun and creativity of creating.

Tell us about your crafting memories, when did you first fall in love with your sewing machine?

Rebekah x


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