Fun with New Fabrics, Pom Poms and Ric-rac

So excited this week to see brand new fabrics and trims in store. I couldn’t resist making this fantastic little cushion from our lovely woodland fabric, yellow ric-rac and turquoise pom pom trim.

20160123_124211 (1).jpg


This is the first time I’ve attached a pom pom trim and I am delighted with the result. If you want to make one similar all you need for a 40 cm (16″) envelope cushion is:

  • Half Metre of cotton fabric
  • 80 cm Ric-rac
  • 180cm Pom Pom trim
  • Sewing machine
  • Zipper foot (optional)


First off cut your fabric, I like a nice wide seam allowance so cut my front peice 43cm (17″) by 43 cm to allow a 1.5cm seam. Now you need to cut two back pieces. They should be the same width as the front piece (43 cm) and at least 3 quarters the length 32 cm (12.5″).

Now you need to hem your two back two pieces. If you’ve got a directional pattern like mine check that none of your animals are upside down! Fold over the centre edges of your two back pieces 1.5 cm (1/2 inch).  Press the folds and fold one more time. Stitch the hem.

Put the back two pieces aside for now and lay the front piece flat. Pin the ric-rac in its desired position, remember to allow for your seam allowance and take into account the curve of the cushion. It’s a good idea to draw a line in chalk along the centre of the ric-rac as it’s easy to wobble about with the curves of the trim.  Sew using a straight stitch.


Now it’s time for the pom pom trim! Pin the trim along the exterior of the cushion with the tape matching the raw edge onto the right side of your front piece. Push the pom poms to the inside making sure none have twisted round. Sew along the tape. Change to a zipper foot if you have one- it makes it easier to catch the tape.

You’re now ready to sew the whole thing together. With right sides together, lay the two back pieces on top of the front piece, matching outer edges. The two back pieces will overlap. Pin together, ensuring the pom pom trim is tucked inside the cushion.



flip your cushion cover over so you can see your previous stitching.  Keep using the zipper foot to stitch all 4 side seams staying just inside the stitching for the pom pom trim.  Clip corners and turn right side out.

Stuff your cushion into it’s cover an you are done!  You now have a wonderful new cushion! It will make a heart felt gift or a colourful addition to your home. I think mine would look beautiful in a nursery.


Come into store to check out our beautiful trims and fun new fabrics and trims.

After a good craft session I went out with the Crafty crew for a nice gin and tonic at The Orange Tree.



Rebekah x


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