Keep warm with Coco

With snowy days and frosty evenings, spring feels a very long way away. However that doesn’t mean we can’t make pretty dresses.  Freya has made two versions of Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress.

We love Tilly and the Buttons at Crafty Sew & So, and have a nice selection in store

The first dress is made from a grey Ponte Roma jersey from Crafty Sew & S0. It’s a great stable fabric to work with and really soft to wear.  For this version I used a cowl neck line and long sleeves.


The next one was from a patterned jersey fabric I’ve had in her stash for a little while. Rebekah modelled this one and was very reluctant to give it back. This one has three quarter length sleeves with a cuff and a simple neckline.


The next one on my list is a pretty pink jumper from the same pattern. Bebekah os itching to make one next.

If you’re interested in working with jersey fabrics we have a introduction to over-locking class to make a cowl scarf on Saturday 23rd January and a Jersey Dressmaking workshop using the Colette Moneta pattern on Sunday 28th February.  Checkout more workshops on our website.

Freya x


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