Happy Craft-mas everyone!

Hi, Sarah here! Hope you had a great Christmas and Boxing day!

Freya, Bekki and I are taking a much needed break to recharge our batteries, spend time with our loved ones and prepare for a new year jam-packed with exciting workshops, new products and fabulous events at Crafty Sew&So. The shop is shut until 5th January when we will reopen with our “Actual January sale”!

In the mean time I’ll be enjoying spending time with my lovely boyfriend- the longest stretch we’ve both had off work together! There will be some crafting of course- but very selfish crafting!

Santa was very kind and gifted me a stash of lovely patterns, the fabulous Chinelo Bally freehand fashion book and some lovely bright pink ponte roma and denim.I think Ollie our cat approves!

photo (6).JPG

I think I’ll start with the chloe dress in the ponte roma, it’ll add a nice splash of colour to my winter wardrobe!

I’m also looking forward to a sewing day with the man- I bought him fabric and preped a pattern to make a tie with the offer of making it for him or helping HIM to make it himself- I’m hoping he’ll be up for the later!

So that’s my plan, plus lots of relaxing too!

Did you get any scrummy makey gifts this year? We’d love to hear what you’ll be crafting next. Have fun everyone!

Sarah x


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