Super quick tissue case stocking filler

Hi, I’m Sarah the co-owner and founder of Crafty Sew&So and today I’m going to share a fun mini tutorial for a super fast project which makes a great stocking filler from just a small scrap of fabric.

Setting up the new shop has been pretty time consuming and so in October I said to myself that I’d give myself a break from making Christmas presents this year… however then the Christmas magazines came out and the shops started filling with things that I thought I could make better versions of (!) and …

I just had to get my Christmas craft on! I’ll share the gifts I made for my friends and family with you early next year.

I didn’t have much time for too many new ideas so most of my gifts are samples or spin offs from our classes and previous projects, but I did put together a few quick stocking fillers including these cute tissue holders which make a practical gift which is really easy to whip up. I’ll show you how…

You will need:

A scrap of cotton fabric approx 6 ½ inches by 9 inches

1 metal spring loaded gate or lobster clasp

First cut 1 rectangle of fabric 6 ½ inches by 7 ½ inches and one smaller piece 1 ½ inches by 6 inches.

(Sorry about the inches guys but I used my quilting ruler to quickly cut the pieces using a rotary cutter so it was easier to work in inches)


Fold the smaller rectangle in half lengthways with the right sides together and sew with a 5m seam allowance to create a tube. Flip the sewn piece around 90 degrees and stitch forwards and backwards along one end of the tube – this makes it easier to turn the tube the right way out…


…which is the next step! Use a loop turner or a narrow blunt object like a chop stick to turn the tube the right way


Press the tube flat and thread it through the gap at the bottom of the clasp sliding it to the centre of the tube. Fold the tube in half and stitch accross the tube backward and forward a couple of times about 1cm away from the clasp to secure the clasp. Put to one side for now.


Take the larger rectangle and press the shorter edges in 1cm. Stitch along each edge to hold to fold in place about 5mm from the edge.


Now flip this piece over and position the loop with clasp attached approx 2 cm from the stitched edge. Pin in place with the head of the pin sticking out so you can pull it out as you sew!


Now fold the stitched edges towards the centre with one over lapping the other and pin


Stitch along the pinned edges with a 1.5cm seam allowance. Trim the edgers with pinking shears…


and turn the right way out and poke the corners out nicely…


…and, Ta Dah! A quick and easy gift for all!



Our friend Alison (who sells her lovely jewellery in our shop incidentally!) popped in this week and whipped up one of these as a quick pressie. She’s looking forward to a crafting day with her sister tomorrow and sharing this project with her too!


Please send us pics if you make one too!

Happy Crafting!

Sarah x


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