Fancy Fabric Chains

Using our fantastic range of Dashwood Studio fabric, Freya from Crafty Sew & So, created these unique garlands. They are so quick and simple. Perfect for any last minute decorations or keeping the kids entertained. unlike most of our projects there is no sewing to do! For this tutorial we will be using two styles, but you can happily use three if you prefer, just add an extra long quarter of fabric and interfacing.

To make a three metre chain you will need:

  • Two long quarters of Christmas fabric (25cm by 112cm)
  • 1/2 metre of light interfacing



First off iron the interfacing to each piece of fabric.

Next measure 9″ by the width of the fabric

Now Divide into 1.5″  stripes


Cut the strips

To finish staple the strips into circles, you can sew if you wish, but we find stapling works just as well.

You now have beautiful fabric chains to keep and use again next year!

Freya x


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