Raggedy Christmas Wreaths

Nothing quite beats sitting in front of the TV and crafting away.  To really pile on the Christmas spirit put on a classic festive film, Miracle on 34th street (1994) or The Nightmare Before  Christmas would be my recommendation. As it is I caught up on Pointless. This wreath requires no sewing and very little concentration.

What you need:

  • 12 cm wreath hoop
  • 1 metre fabric (soft cottons works best)

First off choose  your lovely fabrics. For the 12cm hoops we have at Crafty Sew & So  a metre works perfectly. I’ve made a few wreaths by now, (It’s fairly addictive.) The tutorial I’m going to show here I use a 1/2 metre copper cotton, 1/4 metre white Christmas fabric both beautiful fabrics from Crafty Sew & So. I also had a few other scraps I wanted to use up so I added them. I like pretty muted colours.

Next tear the fabric into strips about 3cm wide. The best way to do this is to  snip into the fabric and then tear into long strips, this will ensure the fabric is lovely and raggedy. Now cut them into roughly 15cm each, but really don’t worry about being accurate, just make sure they are long enough to tie easily around the hoop.


Now we start to knot the pieces around the hoop. Start on the outer wire. once you’ve tied a few strips around the hoop push them together, don’t be scared about being forceful, you need to push them as tightly together as  you can. Continue this until you have a full loop of compacted stripes of fabric.


Fill in the inner hoop with the fabric left. I didn’t bother pushing the inner strips together, it gets a bit too crowded. Just add enough to make the ring look attractive.


As you can see it’s a big fluffy mess right now. You can go a bit crazy with the scissors. The wonderful thing about this raggedy wreath is there’s no need to be neat.

This mix of white and browns creates the feel of a winter forest. I made two more wreaths which turned out very well.

photo (1)

Gorgeous crushed cotton tartan from Crafty Sew & So with bows bells stitched on and stars and snowflakes stuck on with fabric glue. The deep colours work perfectly for a traditional christmas


I made this snowy wreath for my sister from beautiful soft white cotton and the rest of the Christmas fabric.

If you want to find out more about the beautiful fabrics look at my previous blog which shows all the different festive goodies you can make.

Pop into Crafty Sew and So this week to pick out your favourite fabrics to make your very own Christmas Wreath.

Share your beautiful creations here.

Rebekah x


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